Canning Peaches (Hot Pack) Recipe

  • 1 lug of peaches
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 8 cups water
Wash quart jars. Purchase lids to go on the jars. Start 2 canners full of water to get them nice and hot. One is to heat the jars and one is to put the peaches in. Put lids in another pan and heat that water too. Once water is hot, add about five jars when using the large canner. Put sugar and water in another pan and get that nice and hot too. Put peaches that are fully ripened in the other canner full of hot water. Let them in the hot water until it is easy to peel off the skins. Put the peaches in cold water. Peel and pit the peaches, slice in half or slices. Place peaches in hot quart jars - if slicing in half put cut side down to get more in the jar. Once full, pour sugar water (light syrup) over peaches. Run a knife along the peaches to get out air bubbles. Wipe the mouth of the jars to get any peaches or syrup off. Put your seal and ring on the jar. Repeat for 5 jars. Boil these jars for 30 minutes in another canner that has been heating. Take out of boiling water, set on counter to seal. Do not move until completely cooled or you will break the seal. You will hear a "pop" when the lids seal.

NOTE: ENJOY!! These are the best in peach pie!!

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