The Perfect Burger

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What is summer without a juicy grilled burger? Hamburgers are a favorite among young and old. Everyone has their favorite topping to satisfy their taste but there is more you can do to make it the perfect burger.

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Whether you are cooking hamburgers on the grill or frying them in a pan, there are methods you can use to make them more juicy and flavorful. Choosing the right type of meat and adding your favorite seasonings will create a burger to satisfy your taste but there is more you can do to create an extra boost of flavor and juiciness. Listed below are many tips and suggestions on how to create the perfect burger.

  • Medium ground meat makes burgers that are more moist. Buy hamburger that is at least 15 to 20% fat to prevent the hamburger from becoming too dry.
  • To make each patty equal in size, use a measuring cup or roll meat into a log and slice.
  • Rather than adding cheese to the top of the burger, try mixing shredded cheese into the burger patty.
  • Pressing down on burgers while they are on the grill will release the natural juices and dry out the hamburger.
  • Insert the prongs of a fork randomly into the burger before cooking. This will allow heat to circulate more evenly while cooking. If you wait until you are cooking the burger, natural juices will be lost and a dry burger will result.
  • If you are using hamburger that tends to dry out while cooking, try adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil per pound before making hamburger patties. The oil will help to replenish fat and moisture content.
    Add one beaten egg white for each pound
    Make hamburger patties with a tablespoon of cottage cheese in the center
  • Experiment; add a hint of herb such as basil, thyme or rosemary before making patties.

Burger Makeover

  • Mix raw, ground hamburger with any of the following ingredients before making patties:
Minced onion Garlic Lemon pepper
Italian seasoning Flavored croutons Flavored breadcrumbs
Dill Parsley Basil
Cajun seasoning
  • Stuff center of hamburger with:
Favorite cheese Sautéed mushrooms
Cheese with shredded vegetables Salsa
  • Top your burger with:
Sautéed red onion Favorite steak sauce Gourmet cheese
Salsa Horseradish Sun-dried tomatoes
Pepperoni & pizza sauce Caesar dressing Thousand Island dressing
Grilled jalapeño peppers Canadian bacon Sour cream


Reading the label.

USDA Prime - Most tender
USDA Choice - Very tender
USDA Good - Low fat, needs tenderizing
USDA Commercial - Tough
USDA Utility, Cutter and Canner - Lowest Grade

Soaking meat in white vinegar and water for 3 to 5 minutes will increase tenderness.


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