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Shortened in length, the term Burger is used to describe a popular sandwich made from ground meats that are formed into a patty, cooked, and placed between two halves of a bun. Although the most common Burger is made with meat, there are many alternatives that do not include meat, such as tofu or ground vegetables. When made with beef, the meat is ground and blended together to form the patty. Some of the cuts of beef that can be ground, include meat from the chuck, the brisket, the plate and/or flank, which are typically referred to as hamburger. Depending on the cuts of beef that are ground for the meat, hamburger can be purchased with different amounts of fat content. The more expensive ground beef will contain less fat. A Burger sandwich is also made with a variety of ground foods which do not include beef. Some of the most common meats or foods are lamb, pork, buffalo, venison, elk, chicken, turkey, ostrich, fish, shellfish, wild game, tofu, and vegetables.

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