Chimichurri Burger

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A type of hamburger that is popular in the Dominican Republic and sold from food carts and food stands on city streets in the Carribean. This tasty hamburger is similar to a traditional hamburger with ground beef placed between a bun. However, the main differences are in the toppings and meat seasonings. Like many other types of hamburgers, the Chimichurri is typically garnished with a tomato, onion, and ketchup. In addition however, the Chimichurri has shredded cabbage and a mayonnaise dressing as a garnish while the meat seasonings that may be added include oregano or other flavorful spices.

A similar hamburger recipe in the U.S. is referred to as a Slaw Burger. The Slaw Burger often has tomato and onions as toppings, but the primary topping is a coleslaw mixture consisting of shredded cabbage in a dressing. Variations of the Slaw Burger include grilled and barbequed burgers with different combinations of ingredients added to both the meat and the coleslaw dressing.

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