Pasta - Read the Label

Reading the food label or package will supply you with information to help you make a selection on which pasta to purchase. It also includes nutritional information. Whether the pasta you are purchasing is fresh or dried, the food label will indicate the type of flour used to produce the pasta and what flavoring agents have been used, if any. When selecting dried pasta, check the package to be sure semolina flour has been used to ensure good quality pasta.

Another factor to consider is the brand of pasta you prefer. Some people feel that Italian pasta is superior to American pasta because American pasta cooks up softer. Check the food label or package to determine whether the pasta is Italian or American and experiment with both to decide your personal preference.

The nutritional value of the pasta will also be shown on the label or package. It will show calories, fat and cholesterol content, and it will list the nutrients contained. The food label or package may also contain other information such as cooking instructions and estimated serving sizes.


The package for fresh pasta should be labeled with an expiration date. To ensure freshness the pasta should be used or frozen by that date. Fresh pasta does not keep well for a long period of time so it is best to buy only the amount that you will be using by the expiration date on the package. Dried pasta can normally be kept indefinitely so most often it does not have an expiration date.


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