Miscellaneous Chicken Products

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Miscellaneous Products

Diced Chicken

Skinless and boneless chicken diced up into pieces. Diced chicken is available fresh, frozen, uncooked, and fully cooked.

Ground Chicken

Ground chicken consists of ground white meat or a combination of white and dark. It is available in bulk form or formed into unbreaded chicken patties and chicken balls.

Shredded Chicken

Shredded chicken is fully cooked chicken with the skin removed. It is pulled off the bones and then pulled into shreds. Shredded chicken, generally found frozen, is available in white meat only or a combination of white and dark. It is also available marinated and in various flavors. Also referred to as pulled chicken.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Fully cooked, breaded chicken that contain ingredients stuffed in the center. They are available with stuffing such as broccoli and cheese, seasoned butter and chives (known as chicken Kiev), and Swiss cheese and ham (known as Cordon Bleaus).

Chicken Patties

Round patties of chicken, which are generally available fully cooked and breaded. The meat in some varieties is made from chunks of meat pressed together to form the patty and in other varieties the meat is ground and mixed with other ingredients to form the patties.

Chicken Nuggets

Chunks of breaded chicken breasts, which are generally fully cooked, available frozen and unfrozen. They are also available seasoned in various flavors.

Formed Chicken

Formed chicken consists of chopped chicken pieces, which are pressed together to form a particular shape. The chicken is fully cooked and breaded. Formed chicken is used to make nuggets, patties, fillets, and tenders.

Chicken Hot Dogs (Frankfurters)

Hot dogs processed from the combination of white and dark chicken meat. They are lower in fat than pork or beef hot dogs.

Chicken Bologna and Salami

Chicken Bologna

Chicken Salami

Mechanically deboned chicken, which is seasoned, cured and shaped. It is sliced and served as luncheon meat.

Chicken Sausage

Sausages made with chicken meat. They are available in a variety of types and sizes. Some sausages are stuffed into casings and are seasoned with flavors such as garlic, tomato, basil, and Italian seasonings. Others are formed into breakfast sausages without a casing.
Deli Chicken Roast
Chicken breast roll consisting of meaty-grained chicken breast that's cured, seasoned and then packed into rolls and gently cooked by oven roasting, poaching or steaming. Also available smoked. The deli chicken roast is generally sliced thin and used on sandwiches.
Chicken Ham
A product produced from chicken meat, which is cured and smoked. The size and shape will depend on how it is processed. Chicken ham is a low-fat alternative to pork ham. It can be sliced thick or thin, and served hot or cold.

Canned Chicken Products

Chicken meat can be purchased canned and is available as all white meat or all dark meat. The canned chicken is convenient for use in salads, sandwiches, and casseroles. Other canned products containing chicken include soups and stews.

Chicken Pot Pie

A baked chicken dish that has a bottom and top pastry crust which contains pieces of chicken, chunks of potatoes, other vegetables and a creamy sauce. Chicken pot pies are sold as a frozen product in most food stores, generally in a single serving size.

Chicken Bouillon

Chicken bouillon is available in powder, crystal, or cube form. Bouillon is used as a flavoring agent for foods such as soup, stew, sauce, and gravy. It is also available with or without salt added.

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