Elegant Holiday Centerpieces

Cranberries, the jewel toned All-American fruit.

  • Randomly place pillar candles of various sizes onto a platter or a pedastal plate filled with hard cranberries.
  • Randomly place votive candles onto a platter filled with hard cranberries.
  • Fill champagne/wine glasses with hard cranberries and top with a small candle.
  • In place of pebbles or marbles, fill a tall vase with hard cranberries to hold a bouquet in place.

  • Fill decorative bowl with water. Place 4-6 floating candles in the water filled bowl. Arrange fresh cranberries around the candles.

Create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • On a clear serving platter, place 3 varying size pillar candles. Place fresh or artificial sprigs of evergreen, pine cones and colorful berries between candles. Finish by covering branch ends with artificial snow.
  • Place colorful glass ornaments in a decorative bowl, pedestal bowl or tall vase.

Candles add a warm, festive glow to holiday gatherings.

  • Candles last longer if placed in the freezer for one hour before lighting.
  • To prevent candle wick from smoking, trim to a quarter of an inch before lighting.
  • Maximum height of a centerpiece candle is 2 inches below eye level to prevent blocking your guests' view of one another.
  • Candles must be taller than or placed away from flowers and leaves when in an arrangement.
  • Never leave candles unattended

Bring the warm colors of fall to your holiday table.

  • Decorate a serving plate with items such as pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, squash and fall fruits. Start by placing larger items first. Use fall leaves/flowers to eliminate gaps.
  • Place fall fruit, pillar candles, fall leaves and simple fall flowers in a terra-cotta bowl.
Hand Tied Fall Bouquet
Create a hand tied fall bouquet by casually gathering your favorite fall flowers loosely in your fist, tie with raffia and place in a decorative glass vase.
Pumpkin & Fresh Flower Candle Holder

Trace the bottom of a 4 to 6-inch pillar candle onto the top of a pumpkin.

With a sharp knife, cut along the traced line. While cutting, hold the knife at an angle, this will create a cone shape. Discard the cut portion.

The candle should fit securely into the cut portion of the pumpkin. Adjust the size of the opening as needed. If the cut portion is too large to securely hold the candle, place a can inside of the pumpkin and place the candle on top of the can. This will create stability for the candle.

Arrange fresh flowers around the candle.

Fresh Flower Pumpkin Arrangement

Trace the bottom of a metal can onto the top of a pumpkin.

With a sharp knife, cut along the traced line. Discard the cut portion. Remove the seeds and flesh of the pumpkin with a spoon.

The can should fit into the cut portion of the pumpkin. Adjust the size of the opening as needed. Fill the can with water. If available, place floral foam inside of the can before filling with water. The floral foam helps to secure the flowers. Arrange your choice of seasonal flowers.


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