Spring Centerpieces

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Put together a spring centerpiece to brighten your table for Easter, Mother's Day, or any other special spring occasion. A homemade centerpiece is a fun way to dress up any table. There are many beautiful flowers in the spring that make perfect spring centerpieces.

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When making homemade spring centerpieces, you can use something you already have around the house as your vase: a glass or ceramic pitcher, an old enamel coffee pot, tin watering can, canning jars of different sizes, bowls, old crocks, or vases from arrangements you have received in the past. Choosing an item you have in your home will give your centerpiece a personal touch. Whatever spring occasion you are preparing for, whether it is Easter, Mother's Day, or just a special get together, your spring centerpiece with brighten the occasion.

Spring Centerpieces | Easter Lily

Display spring flowers in a pastel ceramic pitcher or a tin watering can.
Display longer stemmed spring flowers in a 1 or 2 quart canning jar.
Place old canning jars in a basket. Place a spring flower with greens in each jar.
A bowl or tall vase of lemons and limes brings a bit of spring to your table or countertop.
Gather a collection of your favorite Spring flowers from your garden or floral shop. Purchase floral foam at any craft store or floral shop. Cut foam to fit any water proof container and place into the bottom of the container. Cut the stems of the flowers, to desired length, at an 45° angle. This helps the flowers absorb the water. Place desired greens into the floral foam right at the top of the container to hide it as much as possible. Arrange the flowers with the tallest in the middle working your way down. Add tall wheat grass to give the arrangement movement. Add water to the container and enjoy. Flowers that are used here include: tulips, roses, hydrangea, and gerbra daisies but any combination will work fine.

Additional Spring Centerpiece Ideas:

  • Remove the stems of your spring flowers (tulips, lilies, carnations, daisies, even sunflowers) and float them in a crystal or clear glass decorative bowl.
  • Fill a glass vase with jellybeans. Layer the colors or mix them up. Do not add water to the vase. Place spring flowers into jellybeans 1-2 hours before your gathering to prevent flowers from wilting.
  • Collect small, miscellaneous styles and colored vases. Place down the center of your dining table. Insert one spring flower in each.

Easter Lily

The traditional flower of Easter is the lily. Whether you purchase the lily yourself or receive it as a gift, the following helpful hints will help you care for your lily for years to come.
  • Expose to medium light and allow top of soil to dry before watering.
  • When flowers die, let plant dry out.
  • Cut stem down to bulb.
  • Clean the bulb and store where it is cool and dark.
  • August is the month to replant the bulb in a pot, covering very little with soil.
  • Water just enough to keep bulb and soil damp, do not water too much.
  • A bloom should occur within 100 to 120 days.
  • When lily has bloomed, expose to medium light.

Follow these instructions each time after the Easter Lily blooms and you can enjoy your lily year after year.


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