Fusion Food or Cooking

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Originating in the U.S., this term describes the combining of two types or styles of food preparation and cooking into one fused result. Combinations of ingredients or styles of prepartion taken from French, Italian, Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, or any other region which are combined with ingredients or styles from another region could be considered as a Fusion Food or a type of Fusion Cooking. As an example, the combining of French white sauces with Italian ingredients such as pasta could serve as type of Fusion Food that uses two distinct cultures and two seperate regional food ingredients to create a Fusion Food. Simiarly, a procedure used for cooking in one country may be combined with a procedure or ingredient from another country to produce a food prepared as a Fusion of foods. Tropical ingredients may be added to old world ingredients in order to fuse various flavors. In each instance, the end result attempts to blend the flavors of different regions to create a new version that enhances the taste of culturally different foods.

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