Castelrosso Cheese

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Native to Europe, this old world variety of cheese comes from the Piedmont region of northern Italy and is not often found in stores. Produced from highly acidic, pasteurized milk of Bruno Alpina and Pezzata Rosso red cows, Castelrosso is a cheese that is a relative of the Castelmagno cheese, also produced in the Piedmont area of Italy.

As it is processed, the Castelrosso Cheese is formed into small wheels weighing 6 to 8 pounds each to be aged in underground cellars for approximately 1 to 3 months. An earthy aroma emits from the cheese that is only slightly pungent. The outer rind begins to gray and eventually may develop a straw to yellow-colored mold as it ages. The rind covers a bright white, firm but crumbly textured inner paste that begins to soften as it matures. When eaten the Castelrosso Cheese provides a mildly rich flavor with a soft tangy and fruity overtone. Some compare this cheese to a mild cheddar in flavor which serves well with fruits and hard salami as an appetizer cheese or can be used in baked foods. Castelrosso Cheese is also commonly used for making sauces served over pasta and gnocchi. It goes well with a lighter red wine or a smooth chardonnay. Castelrosso may also be referred to as Toma Brusca.

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