Asparagus Cooking Rack (Asparagus Cooker Stand)

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A stainless steel rack that is built to hold asparagus so it can be steamed vertically with the stems standing in several inches of water when cooking. The Asparagus Cooking Rack provides an alternative way to steam asparagus if an asparagus steamer, consisting of a tall narrow circular pot with a steaming basket inside, is not available for cooking the asparagus. Since the height of the Asparagus Cooking Rack is approximately 6 inches and the height of the asparagus will add several more inches overall, the cooking rack and asparagus can typically be placed upright to fit in a stockpot that is 8 quarts or larger in size. 2 to 3 inches of water is poured into the pot, so the stems are cooked in water to tenderize the fiberous stalk while the upper stalk and buds are steam cooked to preserve their tender texture. It is also referred to as an Asparagus Cooker Stand.

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