Turkey Lacer

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Made from stainless steel in the shape of a stretched circular coil or corkscrew, this utensil is designed to hold the turkey cavity closed as it bakes. The sharp end of the Turkey Lacer is inserted in the skin around the cavity opening. As it is turned and guided through each side or edge of the skin, the coil winds clockwise through the skin of the cavity opening to bring the pieces of skin together. When the whole turkey is finished cooking, the Lacer is turned counter clockwise to be removed prior to carving the meat.

Other lacing tools that are available for similar purposes include skewers, steel pins or large stainless steel needles. The needle uses a trussing twine to sew the cavity closed as well as a method to tie loose parts of poultry closer together for a more compact shape and more consistent cooking throughout. The pins and skewers may also serve like a lacer as they are inserted and woven through the bird parts such as the wings and legs of poultry to secure these parts against the body of the bird.

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