Pont-l'Evêque Cheese

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Considered to be a farmhouse type cheese, this variety is produced around the Normandy region of France from unpasteurized or pasteurized cow's milk. Covered with a soft, irregular washed rind that has a white to tan coloring, Pont-l'Evêque emits a somewhat moldy or barn-like aroma that is more pleasant than it may seem. However, if the cheese is allowed to ripen too long, the odor becomes noticeably objectionable and the outer rind may become slimy to touch. Produced as small rectangular blocks of cheese, all Pont-l'Evêque cheeses are packaged in thin wooden boxes that upon opening should contain cheese that appears fully shaped and springy rather than sunken in texture. After cutting into the cheese, the golden colored appearance of the pâté with both small and large eyes is appealing, as is the savory flavor that is slightly sweet and spicy. Pont-l'Evêque cheese is often considered to be a good cheese to serve with beer or robust red wines. If served with fruit, apples or pears that are crisp textured are the best selection to accompany Pont-l'Evêque.

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