Chestnut Cutter

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Created to score and cut the hard shells of chestnuts to release pressure during the roasting of chestnuts. Similar to a manual garlic press, the Chestnut Cutter is built of stainless steel formed into a tool with three handles and a compartment for the chestnut. This cutting device contains a lower handle attached to a holding container, a middle handle that drops down over the oval chestnut, and an upper handle with a crossed or "X" formed blade to score and cut the chestnut. While the chestnut is securely held in place with the bottom two handles, the upper handle is manually forced down to cut the top of the chestnut where the shape of the nut bubbles up. This score and cut into the shell of the nut allows the moisture in the within the shell to escape as it turns to steam while the nut is roasted, reducing the chance for the nut to explode from pressure that cannot escape.

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