Limburger Cheese

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Strong on aroma, this variety of cheese originated when it was first produced by the Trappist monks in Belgium in the early 18th century. Made from cow's milk, Limburger cheese is soft-ripened for 3 to 4 months using coryneform bacteria that combine with the acids in the cheese to produce molecules that contribute significantly to the strong, pungent aroma. Produced throughout the world, Limburger cheese is most often found in the U.K., Germany, and the U.S. where it is manufactured into wheels, blocks or wedges of cheese. Covered with a thin edible rind that is light ivory to reddish brown in color, the paste of the Limburger cheese is white, smooth in texture, and sharp or salty tasting. Most often, this cheese goes well with hearty meats, robust red wines or dark beers, and browned earthy breads such as rye or heavy wheat breads. It may also be combined with crackers, fruits, raw onions, salty fish, and nuts when served as an appetizer.

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