San Simón Cheese

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Made from pasteurized cow's milk, this cheese is produced in the northern regions of Spain in a traditional process that was used to preserve the cheese. When refrigeration was not readily available, many cheeses were lightly smoked to keep the paste from spoiling. This cheese continues to use a smoke-curing process for several weeks followed by air curing to enhance the flavors and firm the texture. Prior to smoking, the curds are placed in cone-shaped molds that give the cheese a smooth, outer rind covering the dense and supple inner meat that has a dark amber coloring. Mildly nutty and smoky tasting when young, this cheese continues to sharpen in flavor as it ages, tasting similar to an aged Provolone. When served, it can be eaten as a cheese for snacks with fruit or fruit filled baked goods and is also a good cheese to accompany cured meats and sausages. White or sparkling wines go well with San Simón.

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