Kobe Beef

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A type of beef from the Kobe region of Japan that comes from a breed of cattle known as the Wagyu cattle. Developed by the Japanese through years of specialized efforts to breed, raise, and nourish this genetic breed of the Wagyu, Kobe beef has developed into a high quality cut of meat. Raised on a diet rich in alfalfa, the Wagyu cattle provide a meat that very well marbled, more flavorful, and higher in polyunsaturated fat than Angus beef (generally 2 parts good fat to 1 part bad fat) making it more attractive from a health perspective.

Evaluated for the color of the meat, the color of the fat, the marbling, and the texture of the meat, Kobe beef continually scores well in all aspects, providing cuts of meat that are highly flavorful and very well textured. To prepare, it is suggested that Kobe beef be seared quickly to keep the flavor sealed within the meat. A general estimate is that this type of beef can be cooked for two-thirds (66%) of the time required for choice or prime cuts of other varieties of beef.

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