Tahitian Lime

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There are two types of Tahitian limes, Persian and Bearss, which are very similar to each other. The Tahitian Persian lime is slightly larger than Tahitian Bearss lime. Both Tahitian limes are greenish yellow when ripe but are harvested to be sold when they are still green because the acidity level is higher, which provides a better flavor. Tahitian limes have a fairly thin rind and their flesh is pale green, seedless, and juicy. In the United States, the majority of Persian limes are grown in Florida and the Bearss limes are grown in California. The Persian is the variety most commonly found in the food stores. The Tahitian limes are often used in the well-known key lime pie because key limes are often not available. Tahitian limes are not as acidic or aromatic as key limes.

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