Sturgeon Caviar

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The eggs produced from the various species of the sturgeon fish. Largest of the sturgeon species, the Beluga provides a roe that is larger in size, consistent with the Beluga being the largest of the sturgeon species. The roe is light grey to black in color and provides a smooth, delicate tasting caviar that is generally the most expensive of the three varieties. The Osetra roe, which are yellowish gold to brownish grey in color, are medium in size when compared to Beluga and Sevruga. They provide a somewhat nutty flavor that may be considered more robust and desirable to Beluga or Sevruga. The smallest of the eggs come from the Sevruga roe, which are greyish black in color and saltier or more intense in flavor. Sevruga caviar is the least expensive of the three. A fourth alternative is a combination of all three caviars, which is referred to as "pressed" caviar. Salty and fishier in flavor, this caviar consists of a mixture of broken and matured eggs from the three varieties.

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