Burrata Cheese

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An Italian cheese produced from cow's milk that comes from southern Italy. Initially, this cheese was produced only from the milk of Podolian cows, but today is now produced from other varieties of cows as well. Classified as a "spun" or "pulled curd" cheese, Burrata has a soft buttery inner texture similar to ricotta, which is creamy and oozing. When made, this cheese combines fresh, heavy cream with mozzarella curds that have not been spun. The combined ingredients are placed into the center of a thin skin made from fresh mozzarella that is formed into the round shape, similar to a cloth bag or bag coin purse. Mildly sweet in flavor, Burrata is not aged and is sold immediately after being produced. Often wrapped in a leaf from the asphodel plant, most of the Burrata Cheese is produced to be eaten within several days. This cheese is often served in salads, in pasta, or as an appetizer with hard crusted breads. It can be stored for only several days before loosing its full flavor.

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