Irish Cream

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A liqueur made by mixing cream with triple or double distilled Irish whiskey, eggs, chocolate, and other flavorings or sweeteners such as vanilla and sugar. Light tan in color, thick in consistency this liqueur provides a sweet flavored beverage with a light chocolate overtone that is very smooth tasting.

When sealed, for best results store Irish Cream in temperatures that range from 41ºF/5ºC to 70ºF/21ºC. After being opened, it is best to store this liqueur in refrigerated conditions to lengthen the life and preserve the flavor, consuming it within 4 months of opening. However, Irish cream manufacturers state it is unnecessary to refrigerate opened bottles because the alcohol acts as a natural preservative. If kept in unrefrigerated areas, it is suggested that the cream liqueur be stored away from heat and sunlight in cool to mild temperatures. Irish cream "best taste before" or "best used by" dates are printed on the bottles to indicate shelf life, which is generally 14 to 18 months but some manufacturers guarantee their product for 24 months from date of manufacturing.

Irish cream is served with or without ice and is also a popular ingredient for making mixed drinks such as the Mudslide or a B52. In addition to drinks, Irish cream is commonly added as a flavoring to desserts, such as brownies, fudge, cheesecakes, pies, and ice cream.

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