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A kitchen tool that is used to hold specific amounts of cookie dough so that it can be manually or electrically extruded from this tool onto a baking sheet or pan to create a desired cookie shape. The cookie press typically has a variety of different tips that create many styles and shapes of cookies as the dough is extruded out of the cylindrical barrel of the cookie press.

Manual cookie presses with a ratchet style trigger mechanism, usually extrude a single cookie with a single thrust of the trigger. They work well to provide a consistent and fast way of making the same form repeatedly. However, they do not work well to produce the "drop" cookie or elongated cookie patterns, since the trigger extrudes a precise amount each time that cannot be controlled by hand motions. The electric cookie press extudes dough continuously as the trigger is held down, so it works well at making some patterns but can be awkward to use if the handle cannot be controlled easily by the person making the cookie patterns. The cookie press is also a good utensil for filling pastry shells, mousse cups, dessert cakes, and other similar food items. An alternate option for use on cookies or filling shells and desserts is a pastry bag. The bag is often better for use on making difficult or precise cookie patterns.

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