Mahon Cheese

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A Spanish cheese made from cow's milk that originated on the island of Minorca off the northeast coast of Spain. The rind is typically orange colored, which occurs from the outer rind being rubbed with a mixture of butter, oil and paprika. The cheese is cream colored and when mature, it has a firm to hard texture providing a sharp, somewhat salty flavor, due to the salt of the sea flavoring the grasses on which the cows graze. Mahon is available as a fresh cheese, sold only days after being produced, when the texture is smooth and the flavor is somewhat sweet and fruity. During its younger months, it makes a good cheese for snacking or sandwiches. When it ages, it is sold several months old, 5 months old and 10 months old. As it matures it ripens and becomes hard and more granular in texture with misshapen holes, similar to the Grana family of Italian cheeses. As a hard cheese, it can be grated on pasta, soups, and other dishes. It can also be served as a dessert cheese with dried fruit or sweets.

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