Braided Cheese

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A form or shape that is, as the name implies, twisted lengths of cheese intertwined to create a thick round braid, similar to a braided rope. This cheese, much like string cheese, is a pliable variety that can be formed into a braided shape. Common varieties that are braided include mozzarella or asadero, which is a Mexican variety. Armenian, Italian, and Syrian cheeses are also commonly produced as braided cheeses. When producing a Braided Cheese, it can be made from raw milk, skimmed milk or by combining sour milk with fresh milk and then, using the spun-curd method of cheese making, the curd is heated at a low temperature to develop the elasticity that allows it to be twisted and formed into shapes. It is then cut into strips, braided, and salted in a brine for curing. Braided Cheese is produced unflavored, seasoned, marinated, and smoked. It is often served as an appetizer with its unique appearance, or as a stuffing that is melted in pocket breads, enchiladas, and other similar food products.

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