Chèvre Cheese

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A white cheese made entirely from goat's milk and commonly referred to as goat cheese in the U.S. (The word Chèvre translates into goat in French). If the cheese is a combination of goat and another type of milk, it cannot be labeled as Pur Chèvre. It is available in round loaves, drum shapes, round patties, log shapes, and a variety of other shapes. Logs of Chèvre, which are the most commonly available form, are sold in small diameters either whole or sliced into thick round sections.

Cheeses such as Chèvre, Camembert or Brie are known as bloomed rind cheeses containing a chalky white colored rind. A bloomed rind is started by applying a Penicillium mold that matures or blooms as it forms a tender crust over the cheese and spreads into the paste that moves to the center of the cheese. The texture of Chèvre ranges from soft and creamy to dry and very firm. An aged Chèvre will have a firm outer area where the cheese has begun aging from outside in. This type of cheese becomes firmer and somewhat sticky textured as it ages. Chèvre provides a slightly sharp, tart and tangy quality with a somewhat nutty flavor when it is several days old. The goaty taste will increase as it ages over a week or two. It can be served as a dessert cheese, as an ingredient for salads, hors d'oeuvres, or as a spread for breads and crackers. Slices of Chèvre are often grilled and served on hard bread or added to salads. Chèvre can be refrigerated for several weeks and when it begins to taste somewhat sour or bitter, it should be discarded.

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