Green Tomato

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A tomato that is picked before it matures into a pink or red colored vegetable. The larger varieties are generally picked when the skin displays only a slight amount of pinkish tint, which is considered to be a mature stage for this tomato. The flesh is firm around the edges with a jellied inner substance surrounding the seeds. Smaller varieties are picked while the skin is still green without any redish tint.

Green tomatoes are very versatile in use, providing a mild tomato flavor with a noticeably acidic taste. The larger varieties are often used to make salsas, soups, chutney, jam, relish, casseroles, pies, cakes, and many other food dishes while the smaller green tomatoes are commonly pickled and served as condiments. Green tomatoes can be fried, broiled, or served sliced and seasoned with sugar or olive oils. When sweetened, they provide a delightful flavor to pies, cakes, sweet sauces, and jams. This tomato is often compared to tomatillos, which are small berry tomatoes that are cooked and used for sauces in many South American and Spanish countries.

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