Munster Cheese

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A product native to Germany and France, which is produced from cow's milk, formed into a round block of smooth semi-soft textured cheese. Most Munster is produced using pasteurized milk, however when produced as a farm cheese, unpasteurized milk is used. The sticky rind of the cheese has a yellow-orange color that is derived from repeated brine washings over a two to three month time of aging. The mature cheese has a yellow color, a strong aroma, and a distinctively spicy or tangy taste, attributed to the brine washings. The younger aged cheese has a mild flavor. It is served as an appetizer, as a complement to baked potatoes or dark bread, and as a cheese to use when grilling foods. It can be frozen to keep for extended periods of time or simply kept refrigerated. In North America, a similar cheese is produced which is referred to as Muenster with the same texture as Munster, but is white in color and has a mild light flavor. There are variations of munster cheese made in different countries, such as Chaumes, Gerome, Lingot d'Or, and Marcillat from France, German m√ľnster cheeses, and American muenster. The French Chaumes is one that is often available, which is a mild cheese with a slightly nutty flavor and a very pliable (not spreadable) texture. The American version of this cheese, known as muenster, is a very mild cheese with very little flavor. Beverages that go well with munster cheese are beer, Gewurtztraminer wine and full bodied red wine.

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