Convection Oven

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A type of oven that uses convection currents to cook food. Fans are used to distribute hot air around the oven, which helps to cook the food more evenly and quickly than in a conventional oven that most often contains two heating elements, one at the bottom that bakes foods and one at the top that broils. In the more effective convection ovens, a heating element is also built around the fan so the air is tempered to a specific temperature levels keeping the air not only circulating but heating uniformly as well.

  • A few of the benefits of convection cooking include:
  • Faster cooking times, reducing the time required for some foods from 10% to 30%
  • Less flavor transfer when cooking different foods together at the same time
  • Elimination of "hot spots" that may exist in conventional ovens, allowing foods such as desserts, cookies, breads, and other items to cook evenly when baked together
  • Even browning and crisping of outer surfaces such as on potatoes or poultry skins, while retaining and increasing flavors or moisture within the foods being prepared

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