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A plant native to Mexico, growing low to the ground and bearing small tomatoes encased in papery husks that range in size from 1 to 2 inches in diameter. The husks are removed from the tomatoes when they are green or picked when ripened to a yellow color. When eaten fresh, the tomatillo is tart tasting with a fruity apple or plum flavor. However, when cooked it becomes less tart and provides a slightly sweet, mild lemon flavor. This vegetable can be prepared raw, blended with peppers, garlic and other ingredients to be made into sauces and salsas. Or it can be added to stews or casserole recipes. Tomatillos are also referred to as the Mexican husk tomato, Mexican green tomato, jamberry, and Chinese lantern plant.

When selecting, choose those that are firm with a husk that is securely wrapped around the fruit. When preparing, remove the husks and wash thoroughly. To store, place tomatillos in a paper bag and refrigerate. They can be kept refigerated for almost a month.

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