Salad Spinner

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A kitchen device used to remove excess moisture from freshly washed lettuce, greens, herbs, fruits, and other similar leafy or hard to dry items. The washed product is placed in a perforated basket that fits into an outer container. The outer container has a fitted lid that has a pull cord, a hand crank, or hand pump handle, which is activated to spin the inner basket, forcing excess moisture off the food and out the perforations in the basket. The moisture is collected in the outer container and discarded after the inner basket is removed. After spinning the greens, they may remain slightly moist and require blotting with a paper towel. This step may be combined with the spinning process by adding a couple of paper towels to be spun along with the greens. The paper towels will help soak up the excess moisture during the spinning process. If delicate items such as raspberries are to be dried, line the spin basket with several layers of paper towels to absorb not only the moisture but also the impact. This will assist to keep the berries from becoming bruised and mashed.

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