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Basting Pot and Brush
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A grilling utensil that is typically made as a set consisting of the pot or pan to hold the basting sauce and the brush to apply sauces, marinades and melted butter to the food being prepared. Also referred to as grill sauce pots, basting pots and brushes are made in a variety of styles and sizes, but most often the pot will be fairly small in size, holding 2 cups or so of contents. Measuring marks are often marked on the inside and/or outside of the pots so amounts can be easily viewed. The pot may have a lid and a pour spout while the brush may be made with brisles that are formed into a flat or rounded shape. Some pots are designed with a brush that is built into the lid of the pot so the lid serves as a guard to keep hands and heat away from the hot grill as the sauce is brushed onto the food.

Typically, the pan will be constructed of stainless steel or a similar material that will hold hot ingredients or allow ingredients to be heated in the pot. The brush should also be constructed of materials that will withstand heat so the bristles and adjoining areas are not affected by the heat. Silicone or nylon bristles are effective materials that works well for applying, cleaning and using again without retaining flavors of past foods that have come in contact with the brush.

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