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Sheeps Milk Cheese
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A rich creamy cheese made entirely from sheep's milk, which is nicely suited to produce a range of textures, from semi-soft to very firm. The milk from sheep ewes is slightly sweeter than that of cow's milk and very rich, since it contains more than twice the amount of butterfat in cow's milk. The flavor can also be enhanced by the array of herbs growing in the areas often grazed by the sheep. It also provides mild overtones of lanolin resulting in a distinctive aroma to the cheese. The sweet milk combined with natural nutty flavors developed from the maturing cheese results in a rich tasting cheese that can range in flavor from mild to very sharp. Common varieties include Amou, Annot, Barac, Feta, Idiazabal (smoked cheese) Laruns, Manchego, Niolo, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo (Fiore Sardo), Pecorino Sicilliano (Canestrato), Ricotta Pecorino, Roquefort, Sheviock, Spenwood, Sarteno, Tomme De Carmargue, Toscano, and Venaco. Sheep's cheese can be served as a dessert cheese, as an appetizer or snack, and as a complement to salads, especially Pecorina Romano as a grating cheese.
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