Goat Milk Cheese

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A pure white cheese made entirely from goat's milk and commonly referred to as goat's cheese in the U.S. (chèvre is the word for "goat" in French). If the cheese is a combination of goat and another type of milk, it cannot be labeled as "pur chèvre." It is available as round loaves, drums, round patties, logs, and a variety of other shapes. The texture ranges from soft and creamy to dry and very firm. European varieties are most often soft. The younger cheese has a fruity taste that becomes more flavorful as it ages, providing a slightly sharp or tart and tangy quality as the cheese dries out. Common varieties include Banon, Bougon, Bucheron, Chabichou, Haloumi, Mendip, Montrachet, Mothais, Ribblesdale, Saint-Maure, Tymsboro, and Valenay. When preparing this cheese for use, it can be served as a dessert cheese, as an ingredient for hors d'oeuvres, and as a complement to salads. Store refrigerated for several weeks and when it begins to taste somewhat sour, it should be discarded.

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