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Roaster Oven
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A tabletop electrical cooking device that roasts food by distributing heat throughout the roasting chamber rather than heating with the use of gas or exposed coils similar to a conventional oven. The electric roaster consists of an electric heating element and a large, removable pan covered by a lid. The heating element is the same shape as the pan except that it is slightly larger so that the pan will fit inside the heating element. The temperature of the heating element is controlled by dial control typically allowing ranges of 200 to 450 degrees for baking or roasting. The food is often placed on a rack that fits inside the pan, similar to roasting food in a conventional oven and traditional roasting pan. A common size roaster oven is 18 quart, but other sizes are also available. Roaster ovens can be used to bake, cook, roast, steam, or slow cook a variety of foods such as turkey, meats, roasts, vegetables, soups, and stews.
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