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Oven Mitt
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A protective glove that allows hot utensils or foods to be manually handled near or in ovens and grills. As a kitchen utensil, the oven mitt can be made of cloth, leather, or newer silicone materials that are heat resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees, such as Kevlar. The value of the silicon products is their versitility of use since they are waterproof, stain proof, easy to clean, dishwasher washable, and able to withstand high temperatures.

When selecting, choose mitts that are safe to use, easy to manipulate, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and are generally very durable. Safety is important when selecting oven mitts. Temperatures above 100 to 110 degrees farenheit will be too hot to withstand, so it is important that the mitt chosen will keep hands protected from becoming exposed to high heat for as long as possible. Mitt material, mitt padding and mitt sizes are all points to consider when thinking about safety. The material, the amount of padding and the glove fit, which includes the length of mitt cuffs are all important considerations. Mitts that are easy to use should not feel clumsy or bulky when handling kitchen utensils and pans used for cooking. The grip should feel as natural as possible for handling cooking tools, while being sensitive to the touch in order to detect edges or shapes of cooking utensils. If the mitt is made of cloth it should be a material that can be cleaned without too much effort. Consider all aspects of usage when selecting oven mitts so the final choice provides as many of the key elements necessary and desired for a good oven mitt.

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