Pepperoni Crisps Recipe

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This is a another way to thoroughly enjoy pepperoni - prepare a crispy version of this popular dry sausage.
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  • 1 pound pepperoni dry sausage
Container:Cutting board and microwave safe dish or plate
15 mins
1 min
20 mins
  • If pepperoni is not pre-sliced but consists of a whole stick, slice the stick into thin slices, approximately 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch thick. Small diameter sticks can be kept as round slices while larger sticks such as 3 inch diameter sticks should be cut into quartered sections or 4 individual pie-shaped wedges.
  • Using a microwave-safe dish or plate, lay down 2 layers of paper toweling on the surface of the dish or plate.
  • Arrange pepperoni slices evenly on paper toweling. Cover with a single layer of paper toweling.
  • Microwave for 1 minute on high setting and check doneness. If pepperoni is still soft and flexible, microwave for more time to achieve the desired crispness. As the pepperoni cooks longer, more oil is removed to crispen the texture.
  • If microwave does not rotate food on a turntable as it cooks, then the plate or dish should be manually rotated every 20 to 30 seconds as the food cooks.
  • Since each microwave cooks with a different intensity and since some pepperoni slices may be thicker than others, times may vary from the instructions for cooking the pepperoni slices. It may require some testing to achieve the texture desired.
  • Remove pepperoni from oven and
  • When finished cooking the first batch, repeat procedure on following batches.
  • Serve with guacamole or any topping desired. Note: A small diameter pepperoni stick (1 inch diameter or similar) that is sliced into 1/8 inch thick slices may have a tendency to curl around the outside edges, forming a bowl shape which can be a perfect shape for holding dip or guacamole. However, each stick of pepperoni may produce different results so it is best to do several tests. Most packaged pepperoni that is pre-sliced will crisp within a minute or so in the microwave while hand cut slices that will be thicker require longer cooking time.
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