Eerie Floating Hand Edible Halloween Decorations Recipe

Eeewww! Makes 16 cups of lemonade and 1 stone-cold hand. Be prepared for a round of high fives!
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  • 1 (32 oz) dark blue sports drink or other bottled beverage
  • 2 (.23 oz.) pkgs. lemonade flavored unsweetened
  • Sugar and water as shown on Kool-Aid package directions
  • 1 to 2 NEW, unused powder-free synthetic or latex gloves*
  • 1 chip clip or several clothespins
  • 1 2-qt. punch bowl or pitcher
15 mins
15 mins
Step#1 The day before you want to serve the punch, thoroughly clean and rinse the inside and outside of the rubber glove. Dry the outside.

Get someone to help you with the next 2 steps, unless you have 4 hands. (Now that's creepy!)

Step#2 Carefully pour the sports drink into the clean rubber glove, filling it just past the wrist area. (There will be extra sports drink, so either drink up or make 2 hands, using the extra hand another time or just keep it in the freezer for some surprised reactions.)

Step#3 Mix up the lemonade following the package

directions. Pour it into a punch bowl or pitcher and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Step#4 At serving time, take the frozen hand out of the freezer and carefully cut off the glove with scissors. Float the hand in the lemonade. Beware that as the hand begins to melt, the lemonade will turn an eerie, green color. What fun!

*If you use latex, be sure none of your guests have a latex allergy.

If the punch reaches up to give you a high five,

run for your life!

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