Hand Mixer

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A manual or electrical kitchen utensil that consists of a set of beaters attached to a gear driven mechanism to rotate the blades of the beaters. Hand mixers are used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients, all requiring a smooth functioning set of blades that turn easily and consistently during the mixing process.

Hand mixers that are electrical typically have several mixing speeds either in numbered settings or simply low, medium and high speeds. More settings give more control over the mixing process. When selecting, choose a mixer that fits the types of foods being prepared and the balance offered by the design of the mixer. If a wide range of foods are commonly prepared, select mixers that offer more speed settings and possibly more attachements, such as bread dough hooks, spatulas, whisks, sifters, and bowls. Balance is another consideration when selecting, making sure the placement of the motor does not make it difficult to hold and tiring on the hand or arm. Wattage will not make much difference, since a higher wattage will not necessarily affect the performance.

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