Lamb - Variety Meats

Variety Meats

Variety meats include some of the organs and extremities. Some lamb variety meats may be available in food stores, but most are available from a butcher or specialty meat market or may require special ordering. They are very perishable, so if they are not going to be used within 24 hours of purchasing, they should be frozen immediately.


Lamb liver is milder and sweeter than beef or pork liver, but it still has the characteristic liver taste. It is often pan-fried to achieve the best results. Lamb liver is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of iron, but it is also very high in cholesterol.


Lamb kidneys are valued for their tenderness and mild flavor. For the best results, they should be grilled or roasted, but it is important to not overcook them. Lamb kidneys are low in fat, but very high in cholesterol.


Tongue is usually braised for long periods to help tenderize the meat. They can be sliced and covered with the seasoned sauce that is produced as a result of the braising or they can be sliced and used as cold cuts for sandwiches.


The heart is best prepared with braising or stewing because of the toughness of the meat.

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