Lamb - Ribs


Lamb ribs that will be grilled or barbecued are cut from the breast primal. The rib primal is reserved for tender rib chops and rib roasts. The meat of the breast primal can be a bit tough, so it is best to first marinate or braise the ribs cut from the breast before they are grilled or barbecued.


Spareribs are cut from the breast primal and usually come in large slabs. They contain more bone and fat than meat. They are very tasty when prepared by first braising or simmering in a seasoned liquid, then grilling or barbecuing.


Lamb riblets are individual ribs separated from a slab of spareribs. They may be bone-in or boneless.

Denver Ribs

Spareribs that have been trimmed of all fat and connective tissue are known as a Denver ribs. They are best suited for braising, although they can be grilled if they are marinated first.


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