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Red Delicious Apple

A large, bright red apple with an elongated shape that has five distinctive knobs on the bottom. It is deliciously sweet and juicy, making it a good apple to eat out of the hand. It does not work well for cooking.

Redfree Apple

A medium sized bright red apple that has creamy white flesh, which is firm and juicy. It has a sweet, mildly acidic flavor. It makes a good eating apple and works well in pies. It is an excellent drying apple. It has a shorter shelf life than some other varieties. Stores for 6 to 8 weeks.

Regent Apple

A mid-sized variety of apple that has bright red outer skin with pale green markings and a cream-colored crisp, juicy inner flesh. This apple has a sweet flavor similar to a Delicious apple and is an excellent apple for salads, baking, cooking, or for eating out of hand as a snack. It freezes well for keeping longer periods of time.

Rhode Island Greening Apple

A green to yellow colored apples that is medium sized with a russet area around the stem. The inner flesh is firm textured, white and tart flavored. It is great for pies, applesauce and other cooking needs because of its sweet-tart flavor that intensifies when it is cooked. This variety of apple is generally found in the central and eastern regions of the U.S. The variety found in the western region that compares to the Rhode Island Greening is the Northwest Greening.

Rome Apple

A round, bright red apple with an aromatic, rich flavor when cooked. The Rome is a slightly tart apple that tastes somewhat bland when eaten raw, however when cooked its flavor is enhanced. It makes a good pie and cobbler apple because is holds its texture and shape when baked. This apple is also known as Rome Beauty.
Sierra Beauty Apple A large apple that is green to yellow in color with a red blushing or streaking. It is a crisp, juicy apple with a tart flavor. It makes a good eating apple, especially for those who prefer a more tart apple. They can be used for cooking but do not hold their shape well. Sierra Beauty apples store well.

Sonya™ Apple

Originating in New Zealand, this variety of apple has been developed with a distinctive shape and flavor. The Sonya Apple is taller in shape than a traditional apple, standing more upright rather than round and stout. Covered with light red shading over a golden yellow and green background, the flesh of the Sonya Apple matures into a very sweet flavor with very little acidity. Sonya Apples are descendants of the Gala and Red Delicious varieties, with a flavor similar to the Golden or Red Delicious apples, but sweeter.

Southern Rose™ Apple

A variety of apple that has a fully dark red outer skin with firm white inner meat. Southern Rose was discovered in New Zealand as a chance seedling and shares many characteristics with Braeburn. Also known as "Red Braeburn," Southern Rose's flavor is tangy-sweet. It is a good apple for eating out of hand and for use in fresh-cut trays, since it resists browning naturally.

Spartan Apple

An all-purpose medium sized apple that is a cross between the McIntosh and the Newtown apple. It is dark red in color over a greenish yellow background and has a crisp, white flesh providing a uniquely sweet flavor. It is a great snacking apple and cooks up soft, making it excellent for applesauce.

Splendor Apple

A fruit that comes from the Pacific Rose family of apples, this apple is a cross between a Red Dougherty and a Golden Delicious. It is a larger apple with a pinkish-red colored thin skin and a juicy, white inner flesh. The apple provides a distinctively sweet flavor and is often considered to be a dessert apple. It bruises easily, but does store very well. It can also be referred to as Splendour Apple.

Spy Gold Apple

Large in size, this apple was developed as a cross between a Northern Spy and a Golden Delicious apple. Similar in size to a Northern Spy, which is slightly larger than a Golden Delicious, the Spy Gold matures into a predominatly red coloring with a gold background. Beneath the outer skin is a yellowish-white flesh that is firm and crisp in texture. The Spy Gold provides the sweet tasting flavor of a Golden Delicious and the juicy consistency of a Northern Spy. It is a good apple for pies, baking and snacking. This apple may also be referred to as a Spygold, Spigold, or Spi Gold.
State Fair Apple An early season apple that is medium sized with skin that has bright reddish-orange striping over a yellow background. It has a round, slightly conic shape. Its aromatic flesh is crisp, juicy and has a sweet but slightly tart flavor. It is one of the firmer, sweeter varieties and keeps fairly well for being one of the early seasoned apples. It is a good fresh eating apple. It is harvested beginning in the middle of August through September.

Stayman Apple

A medium to large red apple with skin that has areas of slight russeting. The Stayman has a juicy off-white flesh that is firm but tender and provides a sweet but slightly tart, wine-like flavor. It is a good apple for pies, sauces or eating raw. This apple keeps well in refrigerated storage. The Stayman apple is a milder offspring of the Winesap apple but is slightly larger and more elongated. Also referred to as a Stayman Winesap.

Sunrise Apple

A medium to large sized apple that has a light yellow background that is striped with red, with more red on the exposed side. Its crisp, juicy white flesh and wonderful sweet, tart flavor makes it an excellent snacking apple. It is also a good baking apple for pies and desserts.

Sweet 16 Apple

A medium size apple that has a red with yellow streaked outer skin and a cream colored fine textured flesh. This apple has a very sweet flavor with high sugar content and is considered a good apple for baking sauces or eating raw.

Wealthy Apple

An older variety of apple that is able to endure and grow well in colder climates. The wealthy is a medium to large size apple with a greenish-yellow and red outer skin covering a white to cream colored flesh. This apple provides crisp textured meat with a tart flavor. It is a variety that is often used for pies, cakes, sauces, juice, and cider.

Winesap Apple

A small deep red apple with a juicy, yet firm, greenish yellow flesh and a tart, wine-like flavor. The Winesap apple is a good eating apple or served in salads. It is an all-purpose apple, which holds its flavor when cooked in sauces and pies. It is also often used to make cider.

Wolf River Apple

A very old hearty apple variety that is large in size, commonly weighing over a pound. This apple is golden green to bright red in color with a firm cream-colored flesh that provides a rich sweet flavor. The firm flesh makes it an excellent apple for sauce, for drying, for baking, and eating out of hand.

York Imperial Apple

An apple variety characterized by its red skin, which contains streaks of yellow and russet specks and its flattened oblong shape. It has a creamy white flesh that is crisp and coarse textured. The York Imperial has a flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart. It is an excellent choice for baked desserts or for dishes cooked on the stovetop, since it holds its shape and flavor well when cooked. It is most often available during the winter months.

Zestar Apple

A variety of apple that grows well in cooler climates, Zestar apples are harvested late in the summer season. It is bright red with greenish yellow coloring, medium sized, with a crisp white grainy flesh that is very juicy and sweet in flavor. The sweet spicy flavor of this apple makes it an excellent one for snacking, as well as for baking and sauces. Store it in refrigerated areas to keep for approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

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All About Apples - Additional Articles:
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