Curry Leaf

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The green leaves growing from the branches of the Curry tree, a variety of plant native to many regions of Asia and India. As a food item, the Curry Leaf is considered to be a herb that is used to flavor various food dishes. Since the leaves have a short shelf life, it is best to keep the leaves attached to the branches. Once they are removed and begin to dry, their tangy flavor is lost quickly. By keeping the leaves connected to the branch prior to use and then only removing the leaves as needed, the flavors can be kept as fresh as possible. As an alternative to retain the unique flavor, the Curry Leaves can be removed and placed in an airtight bag to be refrigerated for use within several weeks or frozen to stored for longer periods of time. Although this plant may be confused with the Curry Plant, the Curry Leaf is larger in size, shaped differently with an lemon leaf appearance and only similar in aroma with the distinctive curry aroma.

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