Picnic Basket

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Traditionally, this has been the carrier for utensils and food when taking time for lunch, brunch or dinner in an outside or remote setting. However, as picnics have evolved over time and as settings have changed, the typical Picnic Basket has also changed. Most often, a Picnic Basket is considered to be a fairly sizable rectangular or oval shaped basket made from wicker or wood materials. However, today Picnic Baskets include a wide variety of utensil and food carriers that may be made from plastic, canvas, or nylon materials that include designs made like backpacks for picnics that may involve hiking or walking rather than simply driving up to the location of the picnic.

Generally, a Picnic Basket will include holders and/or the specific utensils such as forks, knives, spoons, serving pieces, plates, beverage containers, napkins, condiment holders, and possibly several other related items for use at picnics. Important factors to consider when selecting a basket may include the size, the use, the extra items included in the basket, and the materials, which will all be related to the types of picnics most often enjoyed by the Picnic Basket user.

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