Vegetable Brush

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A multi-purposed type of kitchen utensil that can be used to clean many different types of vegetables as well as other items such as cookware. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, bristles, and designs, the Vegetable Brush is designed to easily clean all types of vegetables in order to remove dirt particles sticking to the outer skin. A common design for some Vegetable Brushes is an oval or round shape with bristles that project out from all sides of the brush around its circular shape. Some bristles are nylon, some natural bristle while others may be made from coir fiber, a byproduct of coconut shells. Other designs of Vegetable Brushes may be made in the shape of a small round knob containing bristles or a rectangular-shaped brush with bristles extending out from the rectangular handle. All types of Vegetable Brushes work fairly well at dislodging debris and dirt from various vegetables without bruising and damaging the delicate skins.

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