Wattle Seed

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The fruit harvested from pods that grow on species of Wattle bushes, or trees as they are often referred to in their native environment of Australia. Although many poisonous varieties exist, there are a number of non-poisonous seeds from the Wattle bushes that produce pods with seeds that are of value for human consumption.

For centuries, the seeds of the Wattle bushes were ground into flour, eaten as a fresh green pods and seeds, consumed as a roasted seed, or used as an ingredient to flavor and season foods. Today, this seed is most often sought by consumers to add a nutty or chicory and coffee-like flavor to ice cream desserts, to sauces, frostings, and a variety of foods. For commercial users, the Wattle seed is processed to produce a beverage similar to coffee, it is ground into flour for breads and pasta, it is added as an ingredient in various condiments, such as jams, preserves and mustard, or it is made into edible seed oil. Wattle seeds may also be referred to as a single word, Waddleseed.

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