Blue Leg Mushroom

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(Scientific Name: Lepista saeva) Also referred to as the Field Blewit or at times confused with the Wood Blewit, this variety of mushroom is readily identified by the blue to purplish-blue streaked coloring of its stem. Topped with a smooth, light tan or light brownish colored cap that ranges in size from 2 to 5 inches in diameter, the Blue Leg mushroom emits a pleasant aroma from its dense white flesh, which begins to darken when it ages. As a wild mushroom, this species may be referred to as the Blewitt, while the Blue Leg or Bluefoot (a.k.a. Blue Foot, Bluey, and Bluebutton) name is used to describe the larger, cultivated version of the mushroom.

Generally cut into pieces or slices, the meaty Blue Leg mushroom goes well as an ingredient for soups, stews, pasta, or ragoƻt dishes, providing an enjoyable earthy flavor. The Blue Leg mushroom must be cooked well before it can be eaten. Also, use caution if allergic to other fungi, since the Blue Leg is a variety that may cause an allergic reaction when eaten.

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