Fish Ball

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Common in Asian cuisine, this round-shaped food is a meatball-like product made from fish meat that is most often sold by street vendors as well as restaurants. It is a fried food containing fish that is formed into a ball and deep fried with or without a light batter coating on the outside. When the fish ball (or fishball as it is also spelled) is prepared on the street, it is generally made with a lower grade of fish, such as shark or miscellaneous fish scraps, and served with rice. Restaurants will make fish balls that are larger in size than the street version and the meat texture is more consistently firm and white in color. This type of fish ball is generally served with noodles from locations that may be referred to as "fishball noodle" restaurants.

Another version of fish balls are also found in other countries such as Scandinavia, where they are made from haddock, potato flour, milk, spices, and some seasonings. Gefilte, a Jewish food that can be a fish cake or a fish ball, is also a version of a fish ball that has been made for centuries in European areas.

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