Barley Malt Syrup

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A grain syrup and food sweetener made from sprouted barley that has limited use in general baking. It is used more often for the production of beverages, such as beer, due to the concentration of enzymes for the conversion of starches to sugar, the rich supply of protein for yeast, and its distinctive malt flavor.

Barley malt syrup has a mild, sweet flavor and a consistency similar to molasses. When used with foods, it is generally used as an ingredient in desserts, breads, or malted milk drinks. Since it contains complex sugars, it is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, which reduces the risk of producing rapid increases in blood sugar levels.

When purchasing barley syrups, there may be several varieties from which to choose, such as syrup made from 100% barley malt, syrup made from equal parts barley and corn malt, or syrup made from a mix of barley and rice malt, which is commonly sold as rice syrup. Barley malt syrup should be stored in a cool dry area at room temperature. It may also be referred to as barley syrup, malt syrup, dark malt syrup, or malted cereal syrup.

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