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A beverage common in India that is made from yogurt and served plain or flavored. This drink is often served as a coolant which becomes a means to soften the hot and spicy aftertaste of many curry dishes served in Indian regions. Similar to a thick milkshake in consistency, a plain lassi is often salted or sweetened and may have a little cardamom added as a seasoning. A flavored lassi is made with fruit as the main flavoring ingredient.

To make a flavored lassi for approximately 4 people, purée 24 ounces of any type of canned fruit (include the juice) and combining it with 2 cups of yogurt that has been beaten until smooth prior to adding the fruit. The juices can be added as well. Chill the mixture before serving and garnish each glass with a piece of fruit when serving. Crushed ice can also be added to keep the drink cool. Typical fruits that are often used to make a flavored lassi include mangos, jackfruit, or lychees. However, any fruit that is desired can be used as both an ingredient or a garnish for this beverage.

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