Dough Scraper

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A kitchen utensil with a handle and a square beveled blade that is used to scrape, cut, and section ingredients when working with dough. Also referred to as a bench knife or pastry scraper, a dough scraper enables the baker to cut rolled dough into separate sized pieces, cleanly scrape any excess dough off the working surface, and measure amounts of dough (if measurements are imprinted on the blade) to keep the food being prepared consistent in size.

When used as a broad knife, this utensil works nicely to assist with pushing or moving cut vegetables from the cutting board to the pan or when cutting various textures of cheese. It can be used as a scraper to clean crumbs, residue, or burned foods off of a variety of surfaces. And, it works well as a means to level various types of spreads, sauces, icings, or flour as it is measured into cups.

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